Somethings Fishy Overview, 2010

The inspiration for this body of work is rooted in spear fishing decoys used in ice-fishing. In this activity a fisherman sits in a dark shanty on a frozen lake with a hole cut through the ice. Through this hole a weighted wooden decoy (usually shaped like a fish) is suspended into the lake via a line and is made to “swim” through the water in hopes of attracting a larger fish (often a Northern Pike). When this fish is lured, the fisherman spears the fish with a trident-like spear and pulls it out of the water and onto the ice.
The decoys used to lure these fish are widely varied and come in an assortment of shapes, colors, and patterns. Some decoys are designed to closely mimic specific fish while others reflect the innovative impulses of the maker. These fish sculptures replicate the varied and eclectic appearances of such decoys, while giving me a chance to depict some of my favorite fish.
My intent in this installation is to create a below the ice, interactive aquatic environment mimicking the bottom of a lake. In this scenario the viewer traverses the lakebed in the same manner as a fish. Thus giving them a fishes eye view of the decoys in their natural setting.
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